Springville repair/replacement

Check out this roof. 3 tab shingles how many repairs do you do until you want us to put on some quality shingles?

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Springville roof wind damage

Provo friends and family

This is a great example of why you want to hire a professional licensed and insured roofing contractor.

Yes like most trade professionals you can ask friends and family to help you get the job done. You might even save some money. . . . Well at least at first. However, you might run into some problems if you, your friends and family don’t are know what they are doing.

proper placement of nails and proper roof ventilation, and a good sheeting, are a few things that help maximize shingle life. 

PROVO double valley

Alpine Roof Repair

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1 layer new shingle Orem Utah

After helping this customer with a wind damage claim we did a tear off and install.

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Orem Re shingle done by Provo Roofer the roofing Contractor for Utah Valley
Orem Re shingle done by Provo Roofer the roofing Contractor for Utah Valley

Certainteed ShingleMaster

We are Shingle Masters.

To become a ShingleMaster your company must:

  • Employ at least one person who is qualified as a Shingle Quality Specialist™ and a Master Shingle Applicator-qualified crew (at least one job supervisor and two installers)
  • OR … by completing a ShingleMaster Credential Course and employing at least one person who is qualified as a Master Shingle Applicator (talk to your local Territory Manager to request a ShingleMaster course)
  • The owner signs and agrees to abide by the program code of ethics

Siding Job Provo Roofing and Contracting

Provo Roofing Siding Replacement

I know we are a roofing company and that is our bread and butter. However we also do other things. Can you spot what we did? Here is the hint look at the siding.

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Provo Rec Center Tear-off and Prep

Provo rec Center Pool house

Provo asked us to rip off the shingles and do some prep work for their metal roof. We were glad to help. Let us know if your guys need help putting on the metal roof.

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