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I know we are a roofing company and that is our bread and butter. However we also do other things. Can you spot what we did? Here is the hint look at the siding.

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Provo Rec Center Tear-off and Prep

Provo rec Center Pool house

Provo asked us to rip off the shingles and do some prep work for their metal roof. We were glad to help. Let us know if your guys need help putting on the metal roof.

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Roof Repair Provo Utah

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We do roofing repairs. Call us for a free repair estimate of fill out this form . All of these homes needed a repair or roof placement.

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CertainTeed Landmark Series Shingles

Utah Provo Roofer

At the Provo Office of Raven Roofing Contracting and Restoration we offer a full range of residential and commercial roofing products. We are committed to getting you the most bang for your buck. We have found that CertainTeed products are the highest quality materials and have the best manufacturing process. This makes their products out shine the rest. Below you you will find more information about the CertainTeed shingle that will be installed on your home or business.

Manufacturer warranty information

About Landmark Shingles

General Warranty

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Provo EPDM to TPO Flat Roof Replacement

TPO PROVO Flat Roof Replacement

Client called us asking to repair a leak they had found in their closet. The leak was located about 3 feet from the outer wall. Upon inspection of the roof. We found that the EPDM had pulled away from the the drip edge and entered the home . The Roof also had some pooling in different areas. Owner decided to replace the EPDM roof and not worry about continued leaks. This was the second in the matter of a few months.

Upon removing EPDM roofing we found some weak and rotten Framing underneath, that was designed to shed water from roof. We had to be rebuilt and replace all the now weak framing, So the new roof would last. We reconstructed the hip style roof framing of the roof and install fan fold sub decking and 60 mill TPO with 50 year warranty on a residential application mechanically fastened hat welded seams. Over the entire roof ensuring drainage and no pooling of water on roof.

It was a pleasure working with you.

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We Service the Following Cities and zip codes in Utah County.

We try to keep to these wonderful cities in Utah County however we will venture to further locations in Utah and Salt Lake Counties.

  • Lindon Utah 84003 and 84042
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  • Orem Utah 84057, 84058, 54057 and 84097
  • Provo Utah 84097, 84601, 84602, 84603, 84604, 84605, 84606 and 84663
  • Springville Utah 84663
  • Mapleton Utah 84664
  • Spanish Fork Utah 84660
  • Salem Utah 84653
  • Payson Utah 84651
  • Woodland Hills Utah 84653
  • Elk Ridge Utah 84651