How Much Does Roof Inspection Cost?

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How Much Does Roof Inspection Cost?

How much does roof inspection cost? I know that’s your primary concern right now. A leaking roof can spoil a great night’s sleep, interrupt a stimulating movie watching session, or even lead to costly carpet and household damages. Roofs have to endure the impact of the scorching sun, heavy rains, and the thrusting impact of falling objects. 

These and many more make our roofs prone to deterioration, rusting, mold growth, and leaks. Getting your roofing system inspected regularly gives you an edge over its health since you will always identify damages before they grow bigger.

Professional roofing contractors charge differently based on a whole lot of factors. Don’t panic, though. We will give you a precise estimate of how much you may need to pay to have your roof inspected.

Signs You Should Get Your Roof Inspected?

The most common warning signs that press on the need to have roofs professionally inspected are drafts and leaks. If you notice dark stains and streaks on the ceilings, you shouldn’t wait too long to call a roofing specialist. These are signs of a damaged roof, and if left unattended for extended periods, the leaking moisture may destroy not only the roof but also your precious households.

While stained drafts don’t really signify a problem with your roof, they are a part of the roofing system. If not repaired or replaced on time, they will cause ventilation and air circulation problems that could see your energy bills sprout out unexpectedly high.

How Much Does Roof Inspection Cost—The Inspection Process

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, homeowners should schedule a roofing inspection at least once every two years. In more vulnerable areas that experience extremely high winds and more sunlight hours, homeowners should get their roofs inspected almost every spring and fall to optimize performance and get small issues addressed in advance. The roof inspection process involves checking things, and here are a number of them.

  • Shingle Deterioration—when inspecting your shingle roofs, roofers want to make sure there are no loose or missing shingles. They as well want to ensure that your shingles have no growing or rotten algae.
  • Clogged gutters—gutters are part of your roof system. When they get clogged due to the accumulating amounts of fallen shingle roof granules, it simply means that your roof is experiencing serious deterioration. The value of the granules in your shingle roof cannot be underestimated since they are the ones responsible for the added roof weight and protection against ultraviolet rays.
  • Water damage signs—roofers will also check your house to make sure it hasn’t been affected by clogged gutters, or damaged storms and flashing.
  • Loose seams—when inspecting your metal roof, roofers want to ensure that the seams are secure and in the right positions. Metal roofs respond to the changing weather by either contracting or expanding, which loosens the screws, making the seams to detach from each other. If this kind of roof damage is left unattended for long, it will damage the underlying structure of the roof.
  • Rusting—rust is one of the major threats to metal roofs. Rust eats away metal roofs, creating holes that allow water to leak into your house. Extreme rusting could make your roofing panels fall apart.
  • Mold—Roofers also want to make sure your roof is free from mold growth. If the attic or chimney insulation of your house show signs of water damage, it means there is growing mold. Roofers will inspect such issues and have them resolved.

How Much Does Roof inspection Cost—Factors Affecting The Cost

It’s good to understand that the cost of getting a roof inspected will always differ from roofer to the other. So many things inform a roofer’s decision to charge you a certain amount for a roof inspection. Want to know exactly how much does roof inspection cost, but have no idea what may make the price higher or lower, here are the main factors affecting the price of roof inspection.

Type of roof and property

The type of roof or property you’ve determines how much you pay for a roof inspection. It will often cost you less to inspect single-family residential properties as compared to commercial rental homes. 

That’s because the houses are small with simple roof designs, and won’t take long to examine.  As with commercial rental apartments, they are bigger and have more complex roofing structures that require more inspection work and advanced tools.

The complexity of the inspection work

The amount you pay to have your roof inspected will also depend on the complexity of the inspection work. Some roof inspections require extensive and complex evaluation, and so roofers will charge you more to get the job done. 

Roof inspection projects requiring complicated inspection tasks such as external fixtures, checking gutters and the attic, and inspecting the window seals will often cost you. That’s true since the amount of labor involved will be higher, and the time wasted in the inspection work will be higher, too.

The roofing materials

Another common aspect that affects the cost of inspecting roofs is the type of materials the roof is made of. Specialty roofing systems made of components such as green materials, slate, wood shingle, and thatching will require a higher level of expertise to inspect. 

Roofs with complex and unique designs such as extremely steep and slopes, Buddhist temple stacked modeled roofs, and skylight or dormers are a bit more complex to inspect, and so, these will cost you more to examine. Inquire from your roofer to know what they charge for the type of roof you have.

How Much Does Roof Inspection Cost—Conclusion

The cost of roof inspection varies depending on the state, roofer, and the project. More complex roof system designs will take roofers more time to study and inspect for problems, and so they will end up charging you more. In some states, especially ones which experience harsh weathers regularly, the cost of roof inspection will be higher, too. 

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Also, some roofers, especially ones with many years of experience, top awards, and official accreditation will charge higher for the roof inspection services.