How To Repair Shingle Roof Leak

A roof with intact shingles looks cool. Just like any other kind of roof, they keep away water and other extreme conditions, but when shingles wear out and allow leaks, then you're in a problem. Your ceiling shall receive the water which in turn works on it. If such a leak is not sealed, water shall extend to your wooden framing and lead to the growth of black mold. However, the DIY guys know that such leaks can be easily repaired by getting down to work. Here is a precise guide on how to repair shingle roof leak.

How to Repair Shingle Roof Leak - What Are the Causes?   

Shingle roofs wear out due to a number of factors. No matter how best your roof was constructed, over time, the shingles shall wear out.

The age of your shingles

After years of working for you, shingles finally start giving in to the pressures of mother nature. Too high temperatures from the sun decolorize your shingles over time, some might also break. The sealant also starts to melt after long periods of tolerating the sun. 

When the sealant melts, the edges of your shingles curl making way for leaks. It is good that you keep an eye on an aging roof and get the maintenance and repaired regularly as we shall see later.

A missing shingle might cause leakage

When shingles wear out, blowing wind can easily get them off your roof. The space left by such a missing shingle allows rainwater into your ceiling. If not repaired early enough, it may lead to the destruction of more shingles and parts of the interior of your house. 

In case you encounter a missing shingle, you have to replace it immediately before the next rainstorm behaves badly in your house. Replacing shingles is easy, we shall give a precise guide layer to help you out.

A complex roof design

Complex roof designs are good looking. However, they need a lot of maintenance due to the many parts involved. Such roofs make debris and ice stick on your roof. Such stagnant ice may corrode your shingles or seep below them over time.  

So, How Do You Repair Shingle Roof Leaks?   

Solving the puzzle of a leaking roof begins from identifying the cause for your leaking roof. One or more of the above reasons might be cause of trouble, but how do you identify which? If your roof is old and you are experiencing multiple leaks, then your wall might be too worn out for repair, you shall have to change.

For a shingle roof in good condition, a leak shall be caused by a missing shingle. If you experienced strong winds or a rainstorm after which your roof started leaking, then it's very possible that your roof lost a piece(s) of shingle to the rainstorm or wind. In case of a missing shingle, you shall have to make a replacement.

How To Replace A Missing Shingle

Find a replacement

Replacing a missing shingle should be done carefully to avoid further destruction of your roof. Before you consider buying a pack of shingles for that single missing piece, exhaust all the other options. Check whether there were remnant shingle pieces after the construction of your roof. 

If you're not that interested in keeping the color, you can always use any available replacement. Remember, it is rare to find a perfectly matching color to those shingles on your roof. Even if you find the same color, the existing ones shall be lighter due to a period of exposure to the sun.

Do the replacement

The shingles around that space have to be lifted for you to install the replacement. Check for any additional mess around the missing shingle. Break the sealant holding the surrounding shingles. If there were any nails left, remove them before sliding your replacement shingle into position. Nail back your shingles to have a complete roof free from leaks.      

How To Detect And Repair Cracks And Breaks

Another culprit as we saw earlier are the cracks and breaks that shingles might have. If you got no missing shingle on your roof but still experience leaks, then check for such cracks and breaks. Vulnerable areas are those around the chimney, floodlight attachment area, or even the area around your house vent pipe.   

Such areas around your roof flashing might develop cracks in the cement thereby letting water into your house. Check these areas and in case of cracks, ensure you repair air redo the flashing, depending on the magnitude of such a crack. 

Roofing cement or caulk works best for such cases. Just get some from your local store and cover up that gap.

Your roof shingles get to crack after some time. Cracks are not that lethal and can easily be repaired. What you need to do is find your roof sealant and apply a good amount below that shingle. 

Apply a generous amount above the shingle and use a flat piece of board or metal to flatten out the seal. If you're not content with the sealant repair looks, you have an option. Find some fine sand grains and spread them on the sealant while fresh. It shall make your repair sink within the roof and go unnoticed.

How To Repair Shingle Curves  

When shingles curve, they allow space for your roof to leak. Curled shingles should be repaired by applying a sealant below them and sticking them back. Place some weight on the repaired part overnight to have it stick well.

How To Repair Shingle Roof Leak - Conclusion

A leak is one of the most dreaded issues for homeowners. Given the vast destruction a leak causes over time, even the slightest leak you notice should be sealed immediately. After you discover a leak, go slow and find the exact cause of such a leak. 

Check all possibilities, from shingle cracks, missing shingles, curled shingles, and more as explained previously. Take your time and get that problem part together before things get even worse. This is how to repair shingle roof leak, DIYers should get to work now.


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