Installing Fascia On Gable Roof

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Installing Fascia On Gable Roof

Architects use the conventional designs to come up with more advanced options such as box gable, front gable, cross gable, Dutch gable, and the advanced gable roofs with added roofs. Whichever type of gable roof you’ve, installing fascia on gable roof is mandatory.

Gable roofs are the most common types of roofing systems available. A gable roof is designed to slope in two directions, but with an opening on its ends. Modern gable roofs are so diverse when it comes to designs and structures.

Understanding How to Install Fascias

Fascias come in multiple profiles and thicknesses and the perfect one for your roof style is only a few clicks away. The most recommended sizes are, however, between 18 to 15 millimeters. In replacing your roof fascias, you can use fascias as big as 10mm or lower. That’s if you’re adding the fascia on top of sound timber or they have a backing board.

How to Mount Fascia Board on the End of Gable Truss?

Fixing a fascia board on the end of a gable truss can be completed in a matter of hours following this guide.

  1. Start by measuring the truss ends’ depth using a tape measure. The measurement you get will be the exact wise of the needed fascia width. Install the fascia board such that it extends underneath the truss end in case you have plans to install a soffit covering. Take measurements of the roof length to determine the length and range of fascia boards you will need to install. One board won’t cover the entire length of the gable truss.
  2. With a circular saw, cut a square edge on any of the ends of the fascia board for the gable roof.  Put marks on the fascia board’s opposite end such that it ends at the truss end center. After you’re done, make a 45-degree angle, crossways. The mark should face the opposite side of the house front. You should mark it on the gable so that it connects to the abutting board.
  3. Using 8-penny nails and a hammer, mount together with the end of trust to the end of fascia. Hold a square edge at the board flush’s top and roof’s end using roof sheathing. Insert the miter’s inner edge to a hip roof fascia on the corner truss tail’s end. Consider seeking assistance from friends or family. You should also have ladders to make the installation process easier. Raise up the opposite end of the board and then mount it to the truss center using nails. You may want to drive two nails via the fascia to the end of each truss.
  4. The next step is now to cut 45-degree angle crossways to the next fascia board’s end so that it overlaps the end of the installed fascia board. Take accurate measurements and make a cut that passes to the other end truss. You may want to make a square cut alongside flushing it with the truss end for the gable roof.  It should be flushed such that it is mitered for the hip roof with the miter flush’s inner edge out looking the sides of the end truss. Nail two nails to each of the trust end and two nails through the two boards from the mitered joint.
  5. Now do the same to the other side of the gable roof. Make sure you work from the back to the front for the overlapped seams to create a smooth joint. Do the same to the last three sides of the hip roof, ensuring the mitered ends make 90-degree corners. Once done, you should nail two medium-sized nails via both sides of the miter to firmly hold the corner.

How to Make the Process Faster and Less Hectic?

If you’ve reached this far, it simply means you’ve gone through the complicated process of installing fascia on the gable roof. You may be wondering how one can do all this by myself with no basic skills or knowledge on matters roofing. I truly understand how you feel right now. I have been in a similar situation.

The process of installing fascia on gable roof can be made easier in a range of ways. One of the main ways is to learn the basics of what goes on into gable roofing. If you’ve no basic knowledge of the gable roof installation process, the process of installing fascia on your gable roof will be an uphill task.

The next trick to make the process quicker and less-hectic is to have the necessary pieces of equipment and materials. If you don’t have these, it will be impossible to go past the first step of installing fascia on gable roofs. Gather the right materials and equipment before you plan the date of installing fascia on your gable roof.

Another way to make this process easier and less hectic is to plan for the date. Nothing will make the process more complex than having to put your life at risk. Pulling down the old fascia requires you to be on top of a ladder. That means you are not only at risk of being injured by the falling fascia pieces but also at risk of your eyes getting injured by the falling objects.

The last trick is to get a helping hand. Installing fascia on gable roofs isn’t a small task that you can easily accomplish on your own. You need the assistance of a friend or family member to complete some tasks that cannot be completed by one person.


Now that you have an idea of how to install fascia on a gable roof, why don’t you get ready to replace or repair the sagging or old fascia on your gable roof? It’s quite amazing being the one to always complete those small house repairs and material replacements.

The exercise itself enables you to work out your body, while exercising your mind. It enables you to learn and improve your ability to complete skill-based tasks. Don’t be left out, try out these tricks to install or replace the fascia on your gable roof.