Repair or Replace Roof Shingles

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Repair or Replace Roof Shingles

The roof is an important part of your house. Most homeowners rarely interact with the roof unless they notice a major problem. When your roof gets old and starts developing issues with shingles, you might be at crossroads deciding the action to take. Should you replace the whole shingle or making some repairs on the existing one is enough? 

Repairs might be a good thing for certain issues while others require replacement. The guide below shall help you determine whether you should repair or replace roof shingles. 

Repair or Replace Roof Shingles - When Should You Do It?   

Shingles together with their installation costs some good bucks. Therefore, in instances where the shingles can be repaired, you should take it. A roof that's still intact but has a few broken, cracked or curled shingles should have those parts repaired. However, it is advisable that you consult a professional roof service provider. They usually offer a service of inspecting your roof.

Sometimes your roof shall just be out of repair. Old roofs especially might call for regular expenses in repair. When you have a few missing pieces of shingles on a strong and intact roof, it is good that you replace those particular shingles. Patching up your roof only works when the roof is still intact. 

A roof that has numerous curls, breakages and missing shingle pieces, it calls for a replacement. Sometimes you do not have to call a professional roofing service to know that a roof is beyond repair. For instance, a sagging old roof is a clear indicator of a roof that needs to be repaired. 

When Is It Time to Replace Your Roof Shingles?  

There are instances when a missing shingle piece can be replaced to fully restore the beauty and strength of a roof. For instance, if a rainstorm or some heavy wind blows away a few pieces of shingles from your new roof, the best thing to do is find a replacement for those few shingles. 

It is still important that you hire a professional home roofing service to evaluate the damage caused. If the damage caused extends to the deck and house, they shall prescribe a good repair or replacement strategy.

Most homeowners prefer that the replacement be uniform with the other roof shingles. However, it is almost impossible to make a replacement that shall look exactly like your roof. This is because the shingles on your roof have already been exposed to extreme weather conditions. 

The sun has discolored them, no matter how good you try matching, there shall always be a difference. However, instead of replacing the whole roof to match color, a simple replacement shall save you lots of buck. 

You should replace your shingles the soonest possible from the time of discovery. If moisture penetrates to your deck, it might cause additional damages calling for more complex repairs.

When Is It Time to Shingle Over Your Existing Roof?  

Most homeowners ask whether they can shingle afresh over the existing roof. This shall help evade the expenses a whole new roof could require. It is a possible solution but not the best. Most local construction codes allow up to two layers of shingles. However, doing this shall be covering a wound instead of creating it. The spoilt roof shall be covered underneath to look good tentatively. However, such a roof shall keep wearing out with time and result to more problems.

Additionally, when you do additional layers of shingles, troubleshooting problems such as leaks shall be a big challenge. You shall have to do away with two pieces of shingles on one space to check. When the second shingle cover wears out, which it shall do faster than expected, you need extra labor to do easily with the old shingles. Therefore, the cost you had evaded earlier shall now come doubled.

New shingles that have been placed on already existing shingles aren't covered by the warranty. Therefore, in case anything happens to your new shingles, you have nowhere to hang on to. Therefore, if you really feel the need to add a layer of shingles on your existing worn-out ones, you better be sure you can handle the repercussions.

What Are the Signs That You Need a Roof Replacement?  

There comes a time when the whole roof needs to be redone. A roof with the following signs shall be calling for a total replacement. 

When you realize moisture and water affecting the interior of your house; once water gets into your house causing widespread effects on the paint, ceiling, and the framing materials. Most times, you shall notice large brown spots on your ceiling and mold on your walls and wood framing. 

If you're experiencing such damage, a simple repair or replacement of a few shingles isn't enough. The whole roof needs to get replaced before the next rainstorm falls directly on you.

The age of your roof; an old roof is prone to constant breaks here and there. Over time, the shingles on your roof shall be worn out and the roof might also be sagging. A shingle roof about 40 years old is in its deathbed calling for a replacement. 

Was your roof destroyed by a disaster; sometimes nature takes a cause. Even strong and new roofs cannot stand a hurricane, strong storm, or a tornado. In case you lost your roof to such disasters, it automatically calls for a new one.

When to Repair or Replace Roof Shingles  

Roof shingles should be repaired if the roof is still intact and the number of damaged shingles is less. If your roof has a few missing shingles, but is still intact, just replace the missing shingles. 

However, if a roof is beyond repair or minor replacement, then replacing the whole roof shall be due. Never consider adding a new layer on existing shingles unless you have no option. Always check with a professional home roof service before taking action. This is how you shall know when to repair or replace roof shingles.