Ridge Vent Installation Cost

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Ridge Vent Installation Cost

As it has always been it is mandatory to keep the rain off your back. Basically a roof is an important part of the house that makes real trouble when damaged or not in good condition. However, on top of this, the air in your house needs to be properly aerated and all exhaust from the heating places effectively removed. To do this, your roof needs to have a vent to let out all air that is not fresh. To have one installed on your roof, the cost is a major consideration to keep in mind during roofing. There are many ways in which cost can either limit you or give you an upper hand in installing a proper roof ridge vent. Here are the main factors that affect roof ridge vent installation cost.

The Roofing Style 

Different houses are often roofed differently. The style of roofing is the major factor that decides what kind of shape your roof is to assume. Depending on the shape of the roof, the ridges are variably placed to suit the appearance of the roof. 

Automatically then, the number of ridges across your roof is the major consideration in deciding the number of roof ridge vents you are to install on the house. This directly affects the total cost attached to your roofing. 

Depending on the style of your roof you may have more than one ridge to be vented. It is an important factor to consider whenever you are talking about the cost attached to roof ridge vent installation.

The Length of Your Roof

The length of your roof is basically the main determinant of how many roof ridge vents you are to have installed on your roof. Therefore it is a major factor you have to consider when you are planning on installing roof ridge vents. 

A roof with longer ridges will take you more in terms of your budget to have vents installed while those with shorter ridges would take you less. Therefore the relative cost attached to the installation of roof ridge vets greatly depends on the length of your roof. 

Some houses have more than one roof ridge. Here, the individual length of each ridge matters since the roofers have to spend more on materials for longer ridges and relatively less for shorter ones.

Are There Any Existing Vents?

When installing roof ridge vents we have to ask ourselves this question especially if we are considering venting an old roof or one that was vented previously. The roofer may prefer blocking the existing ones or replacing them depending on their type. 

For gable vents, they have to be blocked to promote aeration while old or nonfunctional roof ridge vents may need total replacement. This is usually another major consideration when setting aside funds for roof ridge vent installation since the roofer needs to do a new design and plan where to place new ridge vents.

Related Problems

During the installation of roof ridge vents, there might be other problems attached to the major work. There might be rotten deckings and damaged shingles to look into with other peripheral matters such as the steepness of the roof a major consideration too. 

With these factors in mind, the cost of materials and the roofer may practically demand more. The cost of incidental and unexpected repairs is usually negotiable with the roof constructor but it is worth looking at when planning for vent installation.

The Roof Pitch

The roof pitch basically refers to the incline of the roof with reference to the style of roofing. The relation of this to the cost usually revolves around the roofing contractor. The roof incline could either make the work easier or harder. 

Therefore a tougher roof incline may tempt one to demand more, relating to a heavier magnitude of work attached. Considering your roof incline or pitch is equally important to consider when planning for ridge installation. 

Other Costs

It is proper to understand that for successful ridge vent installation there must be many other attached costs. At this point, we need to focus on a few that are of really great importance.

First, in installing a ridge vent we must ensure that there are no spaces between the vent and the ridge. This is only a success when sealants are involved. 

Sealants come in a wide array from which you have to choose. This individual cost matters a lot when it comes to the cumulative sum. It all relies on the type of sealant that you may choose to apply. This is totally applicable both when installing new vents or when reinstalling damaged ones.

It would be a pity to leave out other costs such as repairing the damaged parts of the ridge and any other section of the roof ridge. There is much attached to this but it all depends on if you are doing it yourself or you involved a contracted roofer. 

To have fresh air, you need to consider how many similar ridge vents you have to install. This may directly affect the cost involved in the installation depending on the size of your house. There might be many other factors involved in deciding the cost of ridge vent installation but the above discussed are major and important to consider.

Roof Ridge Vent Installation Cost - Final Word 

There are basically many factors attached to the roof ridge vent installation cost. The above discussed are the main ones that you need to consider alongside other factors. Considering the above factors is a very important step to going through an easy experience in vent installation. 

If you noticed, most of them revolve around the roofer and the situation of your roof. Therefore the cost is very variable depending on if ridge vent installation is a new experience or it is part of rectification on the roof. 

We find it very important therefore to go through the possible factors affecting the ridge vent installation cost, keeping an eye at quality service and the budget to crown it all.