History or Lindon Utah

This history of Lindon is brought to you by the best Roofing Contractor in Lindon. Lindon is a suburb of Provo with population of 10,939. Lindon is in Utah County and is one of the top locations to live in Utah. Living in Lindon provides residents a rural feel and most residents own their houses. In Lindon there are a lot of parks. Many young experts live in Lindon and residents tend to be conservative. The public schools in Lindon, Utah are above average. You can easily find Lindon Roofing Contractor for your home. Here are some fun things to do near Lindon Utah

History or Lindon Utah

Lindon has a historical background and broad culture. Organically settled in 1861, Lindon start as pioneers moved into what was then the Lindon grazing land. The town was actually named "String Town" because of the way the homes were strung up and down the street between the Pleasant Grove and towns of Orem. An old linden tree growing in town in 1901 encouraged the present name. Over the past century Lindon was seen organized development, but it has tried to stay true to its motto: Lindon: a little bit of country.

Historical and fun facts about Lindon, Utah that you may not know

The city was actually named String Town.

Lindon was actually settled in 1861, and before it was a city, the area between pleasant Grove and Orem was famous as string town. It was formed as an outgrowth of Pleasant Grove and was famous string Town because of the homes were built along a single road like a string, according to the Utah Collections Multimedia Encyclopedia.

Lindon has been a city for 96 years

Earlier this month, Lindon celebrated its 96th birthday. This city was incorporated on 5 March, 1924. It was the twelve city incorporated in the Utah County.

More than 10,000 residents live in Lindon. According to the U.S 2016 Census Bureau population estimates, Lindon population is 10,939. 12 cities in Utah county are larger than Lindon and 11 cities or towns have little populations.

The city is one of the littlest in Utah county in terms of land size

Lindon covers 8.39 square mile of land, giving the city a population per square mile of 1,201.8. 6 Utah County towns and cities are little in terms of land size - Vineyard, Alpine, Elk Ridge, Cedar Hills, Goshen and Woodland Hills.



The City of Lindon is Growing Slowly

According to the US. Census 2010, Lindon has a population of 10,0045 residents, providing the 8.9 percent growth since 2010. The city has one of the small growth rates of cities in Utah County.

Lindon is home to 5 full-facility parks as well as 1 aquatics center

Lindon is home to 5 full-facility parks, and a number of other little neighborhood parks. The 5 bigger parks are also accessible for rental. They contain Hollow Park, Pheasant Brook Park, CreekSide Park, and Lindon City Park.

Many of the parks contain pavilions, open areas and playgrounds

The aquatics center is much more than just a perfect place to swim. The facility contains a lazy river water specs, a pirate pool with a shipwreck kids can play on, and a place known as Huck Hideout that has big slides, along with lap pool.

The aquatic center also has the a surfing simulator the Flow Rider.

There are 2 castle-themed event centers in the city

Several cities have event centers in Utah County, but there are 2 very special events center in Lindon - both are castles. The Castle at Wadley Farms hosts a big range of events and specs a 4,500 square foot great hall. Castle park in Lindon hosts weddings and other events in a fairy tale castle setting.

There are more than 1,000 companies in Lindon

According to the U.S 2012 Census Bureau business members, Lindon is home to 1,488 firms. That firms to 47,840 firms county-wide.

Lindon ranks 5th in the county for number of people per household

Lindon average 4.1 people per household, according to U.S Census Bureau. That makes it the 5th highest city for number of people per household in Utah County, behind Saratoga Springs, Highland, Santaquin and Eagle Mountain.

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