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If you tired of looking for a high quality roofing contractor in Pleasant Grove. Here are Raven Roofing and Contracting you can expect quick estimates, high quality craftsmanship, respectful workers.

We understand that replacing your roof can be a burden or big hassle on the homeowner. We do this every day and have a system to make it as quick and painless as possible. Is re-roofing a big dirty job? Yes, especially if you have multiple layers of shingles on there. When we tear off that roof it is very messy. Nails and roofing debris go everywhere.  We do our best to clean up the mess that it creates. 

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Are you worried about your roof? Is it a constant nag in the back of your head? Are you finding shingles on your lawn? Are you seeing lots of granules in your gutters or under your downspouts? Call us today and we will come out and give you a free no obligation quote. 

With over 30 years of experience we repair and install 30 year architectural shingles. Most customers ask us should they repair or recover or tear the whole thing off and start over. After a full inspection and discussion with you we help you come to the best decision about your roof.  

Sometimes if your roof is between 20 and 40 years old and having multiple leaks or missing shingles in multiple spots we would highly recommend replacing your roof. A new roof with a new can save you money then throwing hard earned money at costly repairs that only last a season or two.  W

If you are looking for the best roofing contractor in Pleasant Grove Utah, your search has come to an end. In this post, you would find out why Provo Roofer is the best roofing contractor in Pleasant Grove Utah.

Now, roof maintenance for many people is like a trip to the dentist. They keep postponing it until it absolutely cannot be shifted any longer. 

The truth is, roof problems rarely sneak up on us. They are a culmination of several small warning signs which we ignore, hoping the problem goes away on its own.

But it never does, and the longer we ignore it, the more we expose ourselves, our families and our properties to inclement weather and elemental forces. 

And these problems always seem to come to a head at the most inopportune moments, leaving us scrambling for solutions, which in this case are roofing contractors. 

Fortunately for residents of Pleasant Grove, Utah, in Provo Roofer, they've got a roofer that's never too occupied to take care of their roof maintenance or replacement needs. 

Provo Roofer is a name that always pops up when excellent service delivery is mentioned, little wonder they are so highly rated by customers who've experienced the quality of their service. 

Today, we'll be placing Provo Roofer under the microscope, how they've come to be accepted as Pleasant Grove's foremost roofing contractor, the qualities that set them apart from the competition and why you should make them your preferred choice. 

Without further ado, let's dive in. 

About Provo Roofer

Provo Roofer is a roofing contractor based in Landon, Utah. The company has earned a reputation for excellence over several years of qualitative output. 

Their dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned them the trust of homeowners in Utah and solidified their place as the first port of call for a wide variety of roofing matters. 

In the cutthroat, highly competitive construction field, Provo Roofer has carved out their own space at the top. 

Established in 2008, this family-owned company has accrued several years of experience, which makes them eminently capable of handling any roofing project, regardless of its magnitude. 

In fact, they are famed for their flexibility, a quality that adds a layer of dependability to their operations. 

If you want to repair a leaking roof, install a sun tunnel, fix damage caused by winds, or if a full roof replacement is what you desire, Provo Roofer has got you covered. 

This company handles smaller projects with the same professionalism and dedication as they do the bigger ones. 

Rated by customers as Utah's number one roof contractor, Provo Roofer recognizes and acknowledges the immense esteem in which it is held, and has vowed to maintain the standards which have contributed to their rise. 

For this company, excellent service delivery are not mere catchphrases, they are words to live by.  

Advantages Of Choosing Provo Roofer

  •   Swift Response

It can be really frustrating having to wait impatiently for several days before roofing contractors make a belated appearance, but this is never the case with Provo Roofer. 

This company boasts a response time that is unmatched. Provo Roofer is open on weekdays, 7 am to 7 pm and any calls placed to them during office hours are treated with utmost priority. 

They show up at your doorstep in record time and promptly get to work, which can be a lifesaver if your building houses weather-sensitive materials. 

  •     Highly Skilled and Professional Workmen

Apart from technical knowledge, homeowners value professionalism and interpersonal communication skills in workmen, and Provo Roofer scores very highly on all counts. 

Provo Roofer seeks out and employs the best and most qualified talents, and instils in them an appreciation for a harmonious workplace and interpersonal relationships. 

Their workmen are very skilled, professional, and ready to answer all your questions, every time you need clarification. 

They take the time to explain each step of the process to you and always make sure to keep you in the know. 

The best part is, they don't leave your yard looking like a disaster struck zone; they clean up after themselves. 

  • Immense Experience

With several years of service under their belt, it's safe to say that Provo Roofer has seen it all. 

Having worked under various conditions, in a number of scenarios, this company has garnered experience that ensures that no roofing project leaves them fazed, regardless of the state of the roof. 

Their confidence is contagious. You'll be able to sleep easy with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this company can take care of your project.

 Regardless of the unusualness of your situation, or how particular your needs are, this company can deliver a top-notch job, every single time.  

  •  Customer Satisfaction

One of the reasons why Provo Roofer is so highly rated is their unshakable commitment to customer satisfaction. 

This company goes above and beyond board to leave an excellent impression in the minds of their customers, which is why they earn consistently excellent reviews and are preferred to other roofing contractors. 

This company emphasizes effective collaboration between employees and customers and believes that successful project completion hinges on this relationship. 

Their workers are not shy to infuse your project with their own creativity, but they value your opinion above all others. 

Their desire is to bring your vision of the project to fulfilment, as faithfully as possible. 

They also hold your hand through the whole process, answering all your questions and addressing your concerns. This particular quality makes them a joy to work with. 

  • Free Estimates

Another thoughtful feature that enhances the appeal of Provo Roofer is their offer of free estimates. 

Provo Roofer sends workmen to inspect customers' projects and provide them with estimates at no extra cost to the customer. 

This ensures that customers are furnished with adequate and sufficient knowledge before embarking on the project, are aware of their financial commitments, and know what to expect during the course of the project. 

Provo Roofer's estimations can be relied on, because, in addition to their vast experience fixing roofs, they have a wide network of companies that specialise in sales of construction materials. This means that their estimations are informed and reflective of current market trends. 


Without mincing words, Provo Roofer is the best roofing contractor in Pleasant Grove Utah. Call their office today to make further inquiry. They are willing to give free estimates and the best roofing advice. You are sure to get an excellent customer service!

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Provo Utah Roofer is the go to Roofing Contractor for all your roofing needs in Pleasant Grove Utah. We attend regular supplier sponsored training. We are trained and certified with our shingle manufacturer so we can install a superior product the correct and proper way so that it lasts as long as possible. We also are trained in TPO and Metal Roofing.
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“Service pros that receive our Angie’s List Super Service Award represent the best in our network, who are consistently making great customer service their mission,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “These pros have provided exceptional service to our members and absolutely deserve recognition for the exemplary customer service they exhibited in the past year.” We work hard to serve our roofing clients in Pleasant Grove Utah 
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Lance and the Raven Roofing team were quick and very easy to work with. I received bids from three roofers to remove and replace my roof shingles. Raven's price was in the middle, but I selected Raven because they were quick to respond and thorough in inspecting my roof. There was some wind damage that Lance helped me resolve with my insurance company. There were also other things to be repaired and resolved outside those covered by insurance. Lance treated us very fair. I would highly recommend Lance and his team, and I will use them the next time I have a roofing project.


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