Best Roofing Contractor In Pleasant Grove

Have you ever had to live under a leaky roof for any length of time? If you have, you'd understand what a supremely uncomfortable position it is to be in. Unfortunately, sometimes through no fault of ours and seemingly without warning, such situations can and do occur.

To compound matters, construction companies may sometimes delay before beginning work, and even when they do, some of them work at an extremely slow pace, leaving your personal effects at the mercy of the elements for extended periods. 

If you're resident in Pleasant Grove, Utah, we've scoured the market and compiled a list of the best Roofing Contractors in the area, to eliminate time spent in transit and guarantee a prompt response in case you find yourself with a faulty roof. 

Our judgments are based on personal experience with the respective contractors, and our picks have been tried and trusted to handle a variety of situations with maximum competence. 

So, whenever you need a handyman for your roof, make them your first port of call. 

Without further ado, let's check them out. 


RoofTek is one of the most readily identifiable names in the construction industry.  

Based in Midvale, Utah, this company has an impeccable reputation, and it's easy to see why. 

Their vast experience and professionalism stand them in good stead. 

Most impressively, they handle small projects with the same level of seriousness and courtesy as they would afford the big ones.

It's no wonder they have such an overwhelmingly positive rating amongst customers

This company does not leave you hanging: the promptness of their response to calls is bordering on the pretty miraculous. 

And they take great pains to keep you in the loop, carrying you along every step of the way. Their workers are highly skilled and professional, and they also clean up after themselves. 

The significance of this small gesture is not to be understated. 

RoofTek can help fix whatever issues your roof has and if you're looking for a trusted and reliable roofing contractor in Pleasant Grove, you shouldn't look beyond them. 

                          CK Builders

Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, CK Builders is a roofing contractor that counts complete customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities. 

The uniqueness of this company stems from the fact that in a male-dominated industry, CK Builders is able to hold its own and even thrive while being led and owned by a woman. 

Cindy Edwards has carefully crafted a company that promises and delivers excellence consistently because they undertake every project with the active participation of the customers. 

Cindy is ably assisted by a team of highly qualified and professional craftsmen who spare no efforts towards helping you achieve your dream results. 

Her employees are only selected after undergoing a rigorous selection and training process. 

The best thing about CK Builders is, they work within your budget, and they help procure the best quality materials for your project, regardless of scope. 

CK Builders is highly recommended. Aside from the fact that their proximity offers them near unmatched response speed, their workers are a delight to work with, and with them, you get the feeling that they actually care about the success of your project. 

         Raven Roofing and Contracting, Inc

With almost 30 years experience in the roofing, remodelling and restoration niche, Raven Roofing and Contracting has earned the right to be called experts. 

This company began its sojourn as Raven Roofing, specialising exclusively in residential roofing both newly constructed and re-roofing, before branching out into general contracting.

Their affinity for roofing makes them the obvious choice to fix any issues you might encounter with your roof. 

Led by Lance Raven, this company caters to homeowners who want to renovate their places of residence, even if they're on a budget. 

Raven Roofing and Contracting works with speed that is difficult to match, and their workers put you first while taking every decision. 

They also take customer satisfaction very seriously, and will often take the time to seek out your input, thoughts and expectations for your project, before faithfully carrying them out. 

Not only that, they always strive to exceed expectations, and this is one reason why customers always want to work with them again. 

              Patriot Roofing & Construction

Patriot Roofing and Construction is based in Draper, Utah. This company is highly rated in the construction industry and boasts several decades of experience. 

Led and owned by a former US Army Infantry soldier, this company can fix a multitude of issues with your roof. 

With several years of experience, Patriot Roofing and Construction is undeterred by the state of any roof, confident in their ability to fix any issues. They also offer free estimates. 

Customer service is really important to us, and in this regard, this company does not fail. Their workers are highly courteous and professional and are always willing to listen to your input. 

This company believes that synergy between customers and roofing contractors is necessary to achieve the best results, and they set about proving it with their actions. 

This company is also pretty honest with materials, and they also actively seek out the best-case scenarios for customers. When this is added to their penchant for quick turnovers, you have a real winner. 

        Case Construction and Roofing, LLC

Case Construction and Roofing believes in total transparency with customers about everything pertaining to their projects. 

Their prices are also pretty competitive, and they work very rapidly, completing the task in record time. 

Their workers are very experienced and professional, and they always look to involve you in every step of the way. 

In addition to this, they always clean up and respect your privacy and property. This particular trait is one we find particularly desirable. 

This company is versatile enough to fix any issues with your roof, and also knowledgeable enough to work with any roof type. 

They also offer free estimates. All these factors combined make a strong and compelling case for choosing the Case Construction and Roofing LLC to handle your roofing complaints. 

They've certainly got all it takes for a good roofing contractor to deliver a top-notch result.