Things To Do In Pleasant Grove Utah

If you're looking for the perfect spot for your next vacation, Pleasant Grove, Utah should be your destination. In this article, you would find some interesting things you can do on a trip to Pleasant Grove, Utah. Despite that we are proud to be the #1 rated Pleasant Grove Roofing Contractor

Located twelve miles northwest of Provo and thirty-six miles southeast of Salt Lake City, Pleasant Grove offers a myriad of amenities and activities that can really light up your trip. 

Pleasant Grove, Utah welcomes thousands of tourists every year who have one thing in common: they're willing to repeat the experience in a heartbeat, without reservations. 

Whether you're an outdoors person seeking to surmount nature's challenges, an explorer searching out the marvels and beauty of nature, or you simply want to enjoy the thrills of a theme park or the culinary delights of a restaurant with the entire family, there's something for everyone in Pleasant Grove Utah. 

Perhaps your interests are purely academic: you're on a voyage of discovery. Your thirst for knowledge can also be satisfied by a visit to Pleasant Grove.  If you cant visit you can read about some of the interesting history in our article about Pleasant Grove History.

We've compiled this list of things to do in Pleasant Grove to help both visitors from out of town and locals identify the best spots for a good time in the city. 

Our list is holistic and expansive and offers something for a wide range of interests. This is quite simply a list of the happening places in Pleasant Grove. 

Be sure to check out these places when next you're in town, or wondering where and how to spend your free time. 

Without wasting more time, let's check them out. 

                        Evermore Park

Evermore Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pleasant Grove. The most remarkable and unique feature of this park is its complete disregard for traditional park norms. 

Visitors to this venue are encouraged to create their own fantasies and immerse themselves fully in them, with the assistance of costumed characters. 

This park offers something for the entire family, with adventures tailored to your specifications, role-playing with special actors, and special quests. 

The park also keeps things fresh and interesting with new stories each time, so you literally have a different experience every time you visit. 

All things considered, Evermore Park offers a truly amazing experience for the entire family. 

Created by Ken Bretschneider with a brilliant team of entertainment professionals by his side,  Evermore Park was opened in September 2018 and was modeled after Disneyland. It is only open on weekends and is seasonal. 

        The Christa McAuliffe Space Center

This venue welcomes thousands of students from all around the world each year. 

Its target audience is space enthusiasts, and with a wide variety of space flight simulators, it offers a pretty engaging and realistic experience. 

Star Wars fans will find the Christa McAuliffe Space Center particularly appealing, as its features bear certain similarities to the Star Trek universe, even down to the simulators which are replicas of Star Trek ships. 

With a number of simulators including The Voyager, The Galileo, The Odyssey, The Magellan, The Phoenix and The Falcon, the centre takes itself very seriously, aiming to teach astronomy and social studies with these resources. 

The center was named after Christa McAuliffe, an educator who was killed in the Challenger disaster.

One of the greatest successes of this center is that it enlightens young minds and prepares them for a career in science and space exploration with stimulating and interactive classes. 

                  Battle Creek Falls Trail

If you're looking for a workout, then you should take on the challenge of hiking the Battle Creek Falls Trail. 

You can even bring your dog along. In addition to hiking, this venue is also ideal for fishing, boating, camping and a number of outdoor events. 

This venue offers natural, beautiful scenery, complete with a waterfall at the beginning of the trail. 

The trail itself is a 4.1 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail that starts with a dirt track. The trail gets progressively steeper which may put a little pressure on your calves. 

Its rocky terrain might also make walking very fast pretty difficult.  It's not very long though, and can be completed in a few hours, even with kids. The view along the trail is captivating, but at the top, it is simply breathtaking. Coming back is also immensely easier. 

The trail currently only opens on weekends. It is perfect for survival enthusiasts, and families who want to reconnect with nature. 

       Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Another one for the outdoors enthusiasts, this venue is very popular. To access this venue, you'd need to purchase a ticket, which includes a guided tour. 

Due to the enormous popularity of the caves, tours are done in batches, and visitors are offered the option to choose between the Standard Cave Tour and the Introduction to Caving Tour. 

To get to the entrance of the caves, visitors would need to brave a 1.5-mile hike through rocky, uphill and steep terrain. 

This terrain can leave you winded, so you must make sure you're adequately geared, well hydrated and in good health before attempting it. 

The caves are also pretty cold, but they offer a truly magnificent view. However, you may have to be careful, as there are low overhangs in certain areas. 

The views are marvelous on the way up to the caves, and overall, this adventure offers an awesome experience. 

The Timpanogos Cave National Monument is one of the most prominent places in Pleasant Grove, and locals are understandably attached to it. 

              Prodigious Entertainment

Prodigious Entertainment offers something different for the entire family. 

This venue offers activities that break the mould and are also surprisingly fun. 

With a wide variety of entertaining games and events, plus exciting and mentally stimulating virtual reality games for the children, Prodigious Entertainment offers an experience that fully and completely satisfies everyone. 

Have you ever tried axe throwing? At Prodigious Entertainment, you can enjoy this highly unusual but super fun activity. 

Even if you have a lousy aim, the simple fun of it is very exhilarating. You can also throw Tomahawks and Atlatls. 

With a helpful and dedicated staff, this place is a delightful place for members of families and groups to spend time and reconnect with each other.