Roof Maintenance Package

  • A complete and thorough inspection of your roof
  • Check all pipe jack boots, install new rain caps if needed
  • Check for nail pops
  • Check flashings
  • Check chimney flashing
  • Fix/Replace up to 5 damaged shingles if the Customer provides the shingles
  • Photographs of problem areas that may require additional repairs

We offer this semi-annual package because it is always good to check your roof at least twice a year. Many things happen during the year. If caught early it can save you thousands in repairs.



Here are some tips and reasons why you should maintain your on a regular basis.

An Introduction To Roof Mainenance

Some people assume that their roof does not need tending to. Not true. A roof needs love and attention for it too last. What happens when a natural disaster strikes? What happens when your roof begins to cave in for some unknown reason? Do not laugh at that one.

Some roofs do begin to cave in, especially if they are not being taken care of properly. The roof is not just going to magically fix itself and call it a day.

I have a list of some dos and don'ts that you should follow when it comes to taking care of your roof.

The Dos and Dont's Of Roof Mainenance

1) Please, and I cannot stress this enough, keep water off of your roof. Some of you are going to argue about the "rain" issue. Well, you cannot control what the rain does. Rain is healthy and necessary for us all. However, you do need to take the time to clean the water off your roof when it is over.

Now, if you live in a complex where someone else does the maintenance than you are good. However, if you live on your own, then you do need to deal with it yourself.

Make sure there are no leaks. Clean out the drains when the rain is over. Take care of your roof, and your roof will take care of you(that means it gets an extended life).

2) What about your roofing materials? Are they in good shape? Do you need to go buy more? You always have to check on your materials. Some materials do not hold up as well as others.

Plus, there is an issue of time. The materials that were used for your roof a few years back might not be as good now. Sometimes the quality of materials used depreciates over time. I mean, that could be said about anything. When it comes to roofing materials, though, depreciation is an issue.

3) What about your ventilation? Your roof needs the space to breathe( just like anything else in life). Not allowing your roof the space to breathe will mean you need to have it replaced sooner. Proper ventilation can mean the difference between long-lasting and not lasting very long.

4) Have you check your interior lately? That means you need to check your attic. The attic becomes a good place for storage. The bad news is that some people start storing things and forget to check the space every so often.

Your attic needs room to breathe too. Proper ventilation is essential for your attic space to remain in good shape.

That means checking on the things you stored up there every so often. Throw away the things you saved and do not need anymore. That is the problem with storing things. We always tell ourselves that we will go back and sort through everything, but most of us never do. It becomes the one thing on our "to-do list" that is never done.

We always have good intentions, but time passes on and we forget what we stored. We only check on it when we think about moving. Not checking on things like that winds being one of the internal issues faced with ventilation.

Storing more things than we should in our attic could cost us a roof. We pack things in and forget. Then, the roof starts to have an issue(though everything looks fine from the outside). We forget that it is the inside that can cause the outside to give off a false sense of security.

Then, the rain comes pouring down. We start to see leaks in the attic coming from the roof. All of our "stuff" is starting to get damaged, maybe even have some mold on it. The roof might not be caving in now, but it will get to that point.

Save yourselves the "what if" questions and sort through your stuff you have packed up in the attic. Fix some of the small holes you see starting to form on the interior of the attic roof.

You will thank yourself for that later. We all forget(from time to time)that the inside and outside are connected. The second part is bound to fall if you do not take care of the first part.

5) "These boots are made for walking". Yes, I quoted the Nancy Sinatra song, but only to make a point. Walking is good, but do not do it on your roof. The only time you should walk on your roof is when it needs to be fixed. You should also be doing it in certain spots. Do not go crazy and think that you can walk wherever you want.

I have seen some of you do it. The shingles are going to be brittle and soft. The weather might be beautiful, but that does not mean your shingles are in good shape. The more you walk on your shingles( when you do not have to), the more you will cause them to break down(from the outside and inside).

Do you need to fix some of the shingles? Pick a day that is beautiful with mild weather. Repair any damage then. You will defeat the purpose if you choose a rainy day. First of all, it is raining. Common sense tells you to stay inside. Second of all, the rain is going to ruin any chances you have of fixing your roof. You will have to start all over then.

Do yourself a favor and pick a nice day and start repairing what needs to be repaired or you can hire someone to do it.

6) We need to talk about pressure washing the roof for a second. I know some of you like to be cool and do the power or pressure washing thing. That is going to cause the shingles on the roof to loosen. It might also cause some exposure to asphalt.

Exposure of asphalt will cause the IV rays to shorten the lifespan of the roof. Please try to stay away from doing that( if you can). Only a professional should be power or pressure washing your roof. They know what they are doing. You do not.

One Final Note

Do you know how you go to the doctor's for a checkup every so often? You want to make sure you are healthy and everything is in order. The same goes for the roof.

Have a professional like Provo Roofer come and take a look. The outside might look good, but the inside could be suffering. It is similar to talking to someone who is beautiful on the outside but is dealing with some internal demons you know nothing about.

The same thing applies here. Your roof might have some internal demons that it wants to get rid of, but you are not taking the time to address it. It goes back to Psychology 101.


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