Shingle Roof Repair Coatings

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Shingle Roof Repair Coatings

Shingle roofs wear out over time. The looks of old sun-beaten shingles isn't that first impression you want your visitors to see. A simple repair shall not work to restore the beauty as shingle roof repair coatings would. These coatings not only restore the look of your roof but also prevent heat loss and protect your shingles from further deterioration. 

Shingles are made from different materials and styles. To find the best coating for your shingles you have should have prior knowledge of coatings and how they work. Below are deep insights on roof repair coating.

What Are the Different Types of Coatings? 

Depending on your aim and the type of shingles you're going to apply a coating, one of the below types should fit your needs. 

Silicone coats

Silicone coatings shall work best for roofs that are located in areas that experience often rainfall. This is because of its tolerance to such weather conditions. When you want to keep too much warmth from accumulating in your attic region, this is the coating you should go for. 

It results in a shiny reflective surface that's going to bounce back the light hence discouraging too much heat absorption. These features make this the most expensive coating.

Acrylic coats

These are the most used shingle coating, possibilities are that you've interacted with it before. Acrylic coatings can be used in either solvent or water-based formula. These are more effective and work across different shingle roof materials. 

They reflect back sunlight hence keeping away that extra heat from your roof's attic region. Depending on the type of your roof, you shall have to go for this coating in either formula that fits your shingles.

Polyurethane coatings 

If your roof experiences much traffic or extreme weather conditions such as rainstorms, this is the coating to go for. It comes in two types, that is, aromatic and aliphatic. Polyurethane coatings are solvent-based and have high resistance to abrasion. 

Applying this coating on your roof means long-lasting shingles and looks. If you're interested in fighting an overheating attic region then choose the aromatic type since it has the best sun UV rays resistance.  

Bitumen based coatings  

They come in either solvent or water-based formula. This has a wide range of applications and can be applied to all types of singles. Bitumen based coatings are cheap and still function well.  

Asphalt coatings 

This kind of coatings come in two forms to choose from, aluminized or black emulsions. After application, they form a reflective surface that gets UV rays from the sun checked. 

If you're worried about your wet area, these coatings work great in whatever weather due to their good weather resistance abilities. This is the best exemption for asphalt or bitumen roof types.

Why Should You Use Shingle Roof Repair Coatings? 

There is an endless list of reasons that might make you need a sealant. When your roof is getting too "ragged" it might be wise to get a coating for it. Shingle roofs deteriorate over time, they curl and look out of place, to get your roof up again, a coating shall be your best bet. 

As we shall see later, most coatings are designed with heat resulting qualities. The reflective surface of a roof reflects back sunlight to prevent heat accumulation. Once you apply a coating, all the abrasion and heat shall fall on the coating hence extending the life of your roof while keeping it's looks.

You Need to Know This Before Using a Roof Coating

While applying roof coatings might seem a walk in the park, there is a lot involved to do it right. Remember, we are trying in the process of repairing a worn-out roof. Such a roof is expected to be ragged and probably have curls and other imperfections. 

Before applying the coating, you shall have to ensure that such issues are fixed. Fix all the curls and any missing or broken shingles. Applying a coating on unfixed roofs shall lead to further curls, non-stick, and water leaks.

Also, shingles are choosy on coatings. Some coatings won't just stick. For instance, asphalt shingles won't welcome any coating other than the asphalt coatings. Therefore, you need to choose the right coating for your shingles.

How Do You Get the Best Coating for Your Purpose? 

As you realize, coatings are choosy. Making an uninformed choice of coating for your roof shall lead to loss and further wear of your roof. To determine the best, we advise that you consult a professional roofing service provider. They shall prescribe the best coating based on the type and status of your roof.

Consulting a professional shall also help you determine the viability of applying a costing to your roof. An overly worn-out roof shall best get replaced instead of applying a coating. If your roof is in good condition, then a coating is a timely idea. However, you have to choose a compatible coating that suits your roof type and needs.

It is a good idea to have a professional roofer to do the coating for you. Therefore, do not be in a hurry to buy into the idea of any agency you're going to meet. The best way to go is to request quotes from a variety of roof service providers, compare their service details and cost. Remember, the highest or lowest bidder isn't the best.

Shingle Roof Repair Coatings - Conclusion

Leave alone the rumors about shingle roof coatings. As long as you choose the right coating for your shingle roof type, you're going to get the results you desire. A good looking roof with a cool attic region is what every homeowner needs. 

Getting the coating done by a professional roofing service is preferable to doing it yourself. By getting a professional, you shall not be guessing on the move to coating your roof and your choices in getting the coating done. 

Shingle roof repair coatings are worth it especially when done in the right manner and time.