Swamp Cooler Removal Cost

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Swamp Cooler Removal Cost

With the advent of modern efficient cooling systems, swamp coolers are a thing to do away with. As we shall see later, swamp cooler systems demand much labor and maintenance practices to work. After shifting to a modern central cooling system for your home or smaller AC, you do not want that bulk remnant of your swamp cooler on your roof. You will need to get your roof repaired. It is time to get a clean beautiful roof, but such removal requires an investment. How much that investment shall depend on a number of factors. Below is a breakdown of a swamp cooler removal cost.

Factors That Influence Swamp Cooler Removal Cost

The design of your roof

The design of a roof matters a lot on how complex the removal process is going to be. Complex roof designs shall require more precision and skill compared to plain roof systems. The type of your roofing material shall also determine the cost of removal. For instance, shingle roofs shall require more skill when removing compared to metal roofing material. Except to spend more if your roof is complex in terms of design or material.

The professional company you choose

Different home repair agencies offer their services at varying prices. Depending on the expertise and skill, the amounts can be high or low. However, high service charges do not always mean quality. Do your research and find a company with realistic rates and enough skill and experience to handle the process safely.

The kind of refill you are going to use 

The process of removing swamp coolers goes hand in hand with that of replacing the remnant hole. There are a number of ways to refill this hole as we shall see later. However, the method you choose shall influence the total cost of the whole operation. The fancier the refill, the more the price. 

Light tubes are expensive to install, a sunroof is fair on price, a patch offers the lowest price. However, the tubes offer the best experience while a patch shall make things look normal. Therefore, choose a refill depending on your budget and needs.

A Professional Home Repair Service or DIY?

Removing a swamp cooler needs a lot of accuracy and preciseness. The bulky swamp cooler shall leave a large space on your roof which needs to be filled to match your roofing. If you are prepared to do it yourself, you can proceed, however, if you aren't that skilled DIYer and don't want to take chances, you should have an experienced home repair service to get it done for you.

On the other hand, by doing it yourself you shall cut the cost by almost half of when you hire a professional. You however need the materials and expect to work fairly well. You shall have to get the tools and materials to cover up the remaining gap. 

Swamp cooler removal might destroy your roof if done poorly. Even before you consider removing your swamp cooler, you have to test the stability of your roof. Professional home repair services offer such packages, they shall access your roof and determine its stability and how to securely remove the swamp cooler.

The best thing to do whenever you need to replace your swamp is to request a number of quotes from different professional agencies. Choose the one that offers the best service at a reasonable price. Some over price with low service delivery while those too underpriced shall have a certain weakness.

Why Should Swamp Coolers Be Removed? 

Some years back, swamp coolers were a hot cake. However, with the improvement of the house conditioning industry, the modern central cooling systems have the day. The new error of "removing those ugly swamp coolers" has come due to the following facts.

Air conditioners give you the freedom of temperature selection. Modern ACs have a wide range of temperature selection options compared to the swamp cooler systems. You see, with the swamp cooler systems, you had to test the temperatures on your body first before manually turning on your cooling system. When it got too cold, you again manually had to turn-off the cooler system and go back to sleep assuming it was during the night.

So, if you like your temperatures exactly to your expectation better bring down that blocky structure from your roof. 

Swamp coolers produce a lot of sounds compared to the modern ACs, together with the low performance and inefficiency that comes with swamp coolers, they become a burden. They are enormous and cover a lot of space on your roof breaking the uniformity. This gives a reason for the continued demolitions.

Dealing With the Remnant Hole

After removing that swamp cooler, you are ready to modernize your roof. Update your roof by filling out such a space with a similar roof. However,  most modern homeowners prefer having that space replaced by a sunroof. It looks cool and is an instant uplift to the look of your house if you prefer having people give a second eye to your roof from the street.

By replacing it with a sunroof, you're guaranteed to have natural sunlight in your house. For those who prefer an extra tip to stand out and make things better, sun tubes shall lower natural sunlight even further in your house!

Swamp Cooler Removal Cost - Conclusion  

To get the right estimate of how much you are going to spend in having your swamp cooler system removed, you have professional companies access your roof and give their custom quote. Ensure you try a range of agencies and choose the best. 

Remember, the cost shall be influenced by factors like the design of your roof and how you want it refilled after removing the swamp cooler system. It is good that you prepare the whole process together, have the removal and refilling process in a single basket. The hole left behind shall have to be filled immediately. 

The swamp cooler removal cost varies as described earlier, gauge your custom needs, and request a quote from multiple service providers, pick the best and watch as the job gets done.